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Ingame Controls

W - Steer Spacefighter Up
S - Steer Spacefighter Down
A - Steer Spacefighter Left
D - Steer Spacefighter Right
SPACE - Shoot
F1 - Switch Sides
ALT + ENTER - Switch between Fullscreen and Windowed Mode
   (Note: you may have to adapt the settings in Configs\Settings.ini first.)
ALT + F4 - Quit Game ;-)

Authors notes

This game is one of the experimental games of codemachinery. The aim
is to increase skills in game development and getting some more samples for the showcase.
Just like the previous experimental games this game is more of a design
study than a program you could charge real money for. Therefore it´s
available for free to anyone who finds pleasure in it.

This game´s idea originated a monthly contest of the site "experimental
gameplay project", which can be found here:
The goal of that contest was to build a "neverending" game. So I thought
of things that do not end. Unfortunately "war" seems to be something that falls into that category. While most of us know, that real war is
a terrible thing, we all (well, at least males) see a "space war" as a source of neverending excitement. Add some "zapzapzap"-Sounds and
laserlike graphics and there you are. :-)

   As always it´s left to say that especially I want to thank the artists whose music titles and sound samples I was allowed to use under diverse Creative Commons licenses. You guys facilitate work of indies
like codemachinery in a significant way! Thank you very much!
Please find the detailed list of all contributors, their contacts
and the licenses and conditions under which their work was used in the
attached file License.txt. Below you find just a short listing:

Music Track:
"Her Secret Kingdom" by IceSun

Sound Samples:
"60026_qubodup_swosh_39.flac" by qubodup
"18397_inferno_smalllas.wav" by inferno
"28917_junggle_btn107.wav" by junggle
"3161_suonho_suonho_Probed.wav" by suonho
"33629_themfish_bulb_smash.wav" by themfish
"34205_themfish_zoup.wav" by themfish
"39459_THE_bizniss_laser.wav" by THE bizniss
"40158_sagetyrtle_crash.wav" by sagetyrtle
"slumlord horns" by lotagblanco

   You are welcome to drop us some lines. Any feedback is highly appreciated: anyway if you deem this program as a complete waste of time or you cannot stop playing it out of sheer pleasure.
Please write to: feedback(at)codemachinery.net

Please visit us at http://codemachinery.net to find more info on
codemachinery and get news on upcoming games.

Harry Trautmann
on Tuesday 2010-09-28

version 1.0.2

Copyright (C) 2010 codemachinery

Game Website: http://codemachinery.net


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